Apr 30, 2016

Meet Mr. Western Pacific

I never asked why Mr. WP had on a Milwaukee Road shirt but I was a guest with a half dozen other
Evergreen members back in October 17th, 2015 and didn't think to ask! Jim Pendley is his name and
lives near Thorp, Washington in the Cascades and works for the mighty BNSF as an engineer.
This is why I call Jim Mr. Western Pacific as he has built an exact replica of one of the most identified bridges in the United States in the form of the Kedee Wye on the WP.
Jim has an entire building dedicated to this portion of the WP where the left side is the California direction of trains going to San Francisco while the right side has 2 lines with the
far one heads for Wishram, Washington and the close in one heads to Nevada with Reno as its first stop. The engineering of the model is first rate!
This WP train would have come west to the Kedee Wye from Nevada and I stood at this very spot some
35 years ago to shoot a train on this bridge. Very impressive! Jim is on the e-mail list.
There are several other impressive bridges on  the layout including this one with a southbound coming
down from Washington State with Big Sky Blue GN locos leading the pack. How many trees do you have, Jim?
The rock work is a work of art as well and Jim closely
matched the rocks at each location with special attention to the
colors of the rocks. Jim's layout was just featured in Model
Railroader magazine if you read such magazines.

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