Apr 26, 2016

On to Livingston, Montana

Saturday morning  we took off from Helena to Livingston where they were having a model train swap
meet where hundreds of crazies like me show up to sell, swap and buy stuff for the hobby of railroading.
We stopped to catch this eastbound at a bridge near Townsend but the low clouds made photography
questionable but I did it anyway. He was moving at 35 miles per hour and the camera could not stop it!
Later in the morning we caught up with another eastbound and the light was much better for this MRL train set.
Marvin watches it roll by and as you can see finding exits off the highway makes parking pretty easy
for the driver.
We arrived in Livingston, Montana about 9:30 am and wanted to get a shot of the MRL train we were
following when a MRL white van pulled up to tell us to leave. I got the station shot so it was time to go
to the show anyway.
I was impressed with this Northern Pacific Beanery sign that rotated and illuminated as it was an
original back in the day. Beanery was a name given to restaurants located in railroad stations.
I was very impressed with the architecture of this NP station especially the columns that were
classic.  No one would dare tell the people of Livingston to tear down this beauty.

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