Apr 17, 2012

Playing around

Photos of stuff I could not add to our Cub Scout happening on Monday night. Steve brought in his impressive SD70s working past our ice house. One of
the members is going to provide me a photo of a real ice house with the name TITANIC Ice Company. That seems right for our house as well.
With 5 trains running around Monday night the photo ops were available to the quick on their feet. I caught this one with Allan's coal train, Tommy's passenger train and my ice reefer train passing Mt. Whitney. Not bad for a bunch of kids!

The many faces of Santa Fe Warbonnets

We know that Santa Fe passenger F units came in Red, yellow and silver but what else did they get painted in?
Jim Bowden had yellow and silver Fs running at the club the other night. They weren't this dirty were they? But what else?
Most railroads had passenger colors and freight colors on their diesels. Santa Fe had freight units in yellow and blue
Still yellow and blue but in the Warbonnet scheme.
Here is blue, yellow and silver. Makes you long for the good old days of steam when everything was black, don't it?

Scouting around for trains. Please pass it on to the other scout families.

We promised to have a session with a local Cub Scout group #496 and they showed up in numbers! Even Thomas the Tank engine was there to make the rounds for the scouts. There was as many adults in the crowd as there were kids.
This was a grab shot as 4 trains were passing this spot and took a quick photo and it turned out a bit blurry and it proves I can take a bad shot once in a while!
My UP Big Boy with ice reefers made it around many times without a hitch! Where is Dave Anderson when you need him?
We heard a lot of comments from the adults as well as the kids that this was one fantastic layout. They had no idea it was here in the Spokane Valley.
We had no idea that there were this many Cub Scouts looking for us!
Allan's famous coal train was a big hit on the Green Branch and we did a little contest for the kids with a sheet of paper with questions on it about "How many Elk are on the layout? (9) How many bridges? (21) How many cars did the longest train have? (I don't remember?) I was not sure how they were going to receive the questionnaire but they jumped into it, some even got into teams to work on it.
Jim Bowden brought in Thomas as well as these Santa Fe freight units with the yellow faces. Most Santa fe's units had the red faces but some came
in blue or yellow as freight units but I don't know why 2 different freight colors. I bet Heimerdinger knows!  The scouts will return in a few months to see our progress and watch them run again!