Jul 2, 2018

Re: Missing in action....the Quinn Report!

These are great! 

On Sun, Jul 1, 2018, 11:47 PM jerry@signalsigns.com <jerry@signalsigns.com> wrote:

My frustration with Windows 10 continues but i will struggle on with my communications with you.

Without planning a gathering of BNSF power several guys were running them last week and I was able to talk them into gathering for this shot.

A week before that event, Greg and Marvin had these BN trains with F units running and I got them passing each other in a fashion.

Last week Keith and John Schwarze had these 2 sets of premerger trains running. One set from Keith was all SP&S and the other was 5 railroads involved in the BN merger.  Nice touch.

There was no need for cooperation on this shot as they were owned by one guy. Larry Sorenson had 6 of his 7 Union Pacific Centennials together so all I had to do was ask to take the photo.

This shot shows 4 of the 6 "what if" paint schemes of merged railroads into the Union Pacific they didn't merge and painted them to look like these. Union Pacific has an ulterior legal reason so they can retain the rights to the  railroads logos and graphics. There are real ones with these paint schemes. Another Larry Sorenson collection.