Apr 26, 2016

More of Mullan Pass and the MRL

Here we have a coal car from a railroad that was dropped into the BN merger with the lettering still reading
Northern Pacific. They were the original builders of this tunnel at Blossburg and now is used as a clearance
car for tunnel repairs when needed.
Oh, they didn't want us to come up here and take photos so we better leave now that we know we were
trespassing. Marvin, it's time to go! And I thought they were a friendly railroad.
Looking west and down the hill you can see the grade drop off quickly.
We finally got to Helena and the sun is setting fast. These units are all in helper service to get all the
BNSF underpowered trains coming both ways and help them by pushing in the middle or in the rear.
The SD70ACe designation was the first new power for the Montana Rail Link. Everything before them were
hand me downs from the BN  or other railroads....including the Susquehanna, my hometown railroad.
This is a beautiful depot in Helena that the Northern Pacific built in its heyday. The MRL uses it today to
keep this part of the railroad operating.

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