Aug 23, 2017

New look for the back side of Evergreen Railroad

Due to the increasing business activity of the Evergreen, management has decided to improve
the Blue and Red main lines behind Cobbleton. Now we have 2 parallel main lines that easily
connect to one another plus we got rid of several problems as well.
I am told that I said I can fix anything they do but this one is going to be a challenge for any modeler.
Jim's train looks like it is entering Hell, they go in but never come out! They say layouts are never done
when one member owns a sawsall!
Three Canadian Pacific locos enter the opposite side of the forementioned tunnel. Now we can only pray they
make it through.
More Canadian power showed up in the form of CN locos with a special paint scheme done by
EMD. It didn't convince CN bosses to change from the red, black and white scheme.
Keith ran his Alco set last week and it has the famous Buys Bonds patriotic paint job box car in tow.
Steam is king when you have Photoshop to add drama to a photo as it crosses the famous
Heimerdinger bridge (who?) on Mount Whitney.

Aug 11, 2017

Rail action on Thursday night

New member Jesse makes the first time around the layout. That's a BN GP15, a rare model at the Evergreen.
Speaking of rare, here is a real BNSF engineer, Keith Wiles running a Portland version of the Empire Builder that SP&S would have had the responsibility to get it there.
When the Builder got to Spokane the Portland section of the GN Empire Builder would connect to the NP North Coast section that wanted to get there as well. I think I
got that right?
Amtrak still splits off the Portland section from the section in Spokane that will keep going to Seattle.
An ex-member called Robert case stopped by last night to run his Amtrak train very similar to the
one we rode several weeks ago to Havre as a club event.
Marvelous Marvin had his Montana Rail Link train with an F45 on the point bringing Boeing aircraft
bodies west to Seattle. Last year they put a half dozen bodies on the ground with 1 or 2 making it to the river.
I caught these 3 locos passing each other when I asked everyone to stop (blur) It's an unlikely shot
to have NP and BNSF stuff together as the time line does not match and the Western Pacific hangs out'
hundreds of miles to the south of Spokane.

Aug 6, 2017

Look who joined the family!

With such an interested modeler in our club visiting us frequently,  Leeam was too young to join so we
talked his grandmother Paulette to join and be his mentor and the responsible party to his involvement.
Welcome Paulette and Leeam (Spelling?)
It seems we lost Steve Welton as a member per a conversation he had with Marvin. Plus Rod and Janis
wanted to take a Leave of Absence but we don't have that available so they will rejoin us in January
after family matters are solved.
Will Windom has these beauties on his roster as they are his railroad models of his creation.
There goes the neighborhood with Santa Fe trains take over Evergreen Railroad. The black one is Doug's and
the pretty yellow and the blue one is Steve Weso's'. The engines following are questionable.
I caught Don Carnegie doing some yard work in Bakersville so his 2 little Milwaukee Road switchers
are working together to get the job done.
By chance 2 members brought in the same type locos for the SP&S so I got them to stop at this location
for a family shot. The one on the bottom is Colin Fitzgerald's and the top one is Steve Weso's
Jim Bowden's Canadian National made the rounds as well so that makes us international? We allow
Milwaukee so why not Canadian?

Aug 5, 2017

Things are looking up on the Evergreen

New members mean new toys for the camera guy as this engineer says his prayers that
this bridge will hold together while he treds lighty over with his steam engine and loads.
New member Doug brings lots of midwestern stuff to the Evergreen and we appreciate the diversity....
its good diversity. At least that's my opinion as a New Jersey boy!Chicago Great Western no longer
exists in real life but is doing well on our railroad!
How's this little guy doing as a high railer for some official checking out the tracks or something.
New member Colin Fitzgerald had me repaint this steamer into SP&S colors (black?) and lettering to
make it into the SP&S #539. I think Colin did the rusting of the walkways? Cool!
Member Keith had his SP&S FAs working the Red line but what caught my eye was the Buy US Bonds
signage on an NP boxcar. I saw this very car on the Irvin Bridge in the Spokane Valley some 40 years ago.
Member Greg ( or was it Marvin?) had 3 NP locos moving a fast freight past the Ice Factory before the
mechanical reefers made it obsolete.