Feb 24, 2014

Touring the Northside - Part 2

Our second stop yesterday was at Ron P's home where this impressive cabinet held a number of very highly detailed models. Those wall plaques are impressive so well, hey, I made them! They go back to the good old days of me silkscreening them on 1/4 inch Masonite panels.
Ron's layout is divided into 2 rooms which this one is the largest with a rail yard holding locos, cabooses, (what are they?) and rolling stock from Ron's favorite railroads. See plaques!
What impresses me the most were the islands of highly detailed areas. Ron explained that he builds them on 1/4 inch plywood and installs them complete into a place designated and his layout. Smart!
If I remember correctly Ron has 35 buildings of craftsman quality on the layout and I don't doubt it.
Sticks and stones never looked better!
Dozens of places the buildings are a thing of amazement! If I lived closer to Ron I would be over there helping him with connecting the locations with scenery and ground cover. But he lives 20 miles away!
A very impressive mountain scene and Ron matched the mountain with a photo mural from the Colorado Rockies. Without the plywood you would think it is a real photo of a real spot in Colorado. I wonder if he was rooting the the Denver Broncos?
The loco and the bridge is impressive but look at the water! I love it!

Feb 23, 2014

Touring the Northside of Spokane - Part 1

A group of Evergreen members decided to take a tour of 2 impressive layouts located on the Northside of Spokane and the first was the "famous" portable On3 layout called the Hangman Valley Lumber Company. It was the hit at the narrow gauge convention in Seattle last year. They got a football team, we have a masterpiece!
It represents the backwoods scene of logging in the Northwest in the 1930's. This portable layout comes apart in sections and is about 10 feet wide by 28 feet.
It barely fit into a section of home owned by Jess Dozier, one of 4 members of a group that spent almost 2 years in its construction. A permanent location is in the works.
The scenes cover the cutting of the timbers, moving them by rail to a mill, turning them into usable lumber so America could build homes, baseball bats and pianos.
Three locos worked the 2 lines while we were there including this 2 truck Shay with geared wheels to handle rough track and sharp curves, The craftsmanship is impressive!
How do you move logs in the forest?  Use a steam donkey on skids to lift the logs onto the flats to move to the mill.
Below the steam donkey are these unuseable logs that did not meet standards. What the workers are doing is beyond my pay grade.
Every scene is a work of art and each tells a story of what it took to make a living in the forest. The detail is awesome... look at the shingles, cans, oil tank, workers doing something to make it all happen. Thank you Jess and Stan for the opportunity to visit the layout.

Feb 22, 2014

Upcoming events for the club - Revise

Several members said last night that they did not get this important e-mail so I am sending it again. Jerry
THURSDAY, FEB 20th   1 to 9 pm run trains, do weathering clinic, etc.
SATURDAY, FEB 22nd  11 am  Tour of Northside layouts. See e-mail.
TUESDAY FEB 25th  1 to 6 pm – club activities, work on port district, clean track, ballast.
THURSDAY FEB 27th 1 to 9 pm –run trains, etc.
WEEKDAY?  FEB ?    Dismantle Liberty Lake home layout for resale. Who wants to help?
SATURDAY, MARCH 1st - 1 pm – ? Move sections from Liberty Lake to Don's house?
                                                  Kent will allow us to use his trailer.
TUESDAY MARCH 4th - 1 to 6 pm – Clean train club room
THURSDAY MARCH 6th – Get club ready for open house.
SATURDAY MARCH 8th – 12 noon? Move inventory to train show building and set up.
                                            5 pm to 9 pm – Open House at club. media notified.
SUNDAY MARCH 9th   –    Breakfast at 7 am at IHOP.
                                           8 am - Get tables ready for customers.
TUESDAY, MARCH 11th  –  Club activities, etc.
THURSDAY, MARCH 13thBusiness Meeting, discuss finances, new member approvals, future.

Feb 6, 2014

Visiting the Lackawanna station at Hoboken, NJ

The official name of the railroad was the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western as this emblem shows.
Built in 1890 as a grand edifice for departing New Jersey to the west like far away Chicago, Buffalo, and heaven forbid Montana!
The roof even got a lot of attention in this stained glass roof. It is on the scale of European styles.
This east side of the waiting room goes to the Hudson River where in the old days ferry boats made the trip back and forth. Look at the work in those seats!
The doors to the west went to the trains waiting for customers.
A policeman pointed out the high water mark as you can see the dirtier look about 5 feet from the floor. That's what happened when Hurricane Sandy stopped by last year and knocked out service.
Upon arrival to the station you can buy a ticket for the subway that goes under the Hudson River and drops you off under the old World Trade Center on the New York side.
The reader board tells the riders which track is the train you want depending on where you are heading.
The locomotive is on the other end as all trains have the power heading west. Upon returning to Hoboken the engineer sits in this end of the car and operates the train with the loco now in push operation.

We visit Hoboken terminal built by the Lackawanna Railroad, now NJ Transit.

One of many diesel powered units that work the North Bergen line that does not have overhead wires.
The control tower that my nephew Kevin works in is where we are headed this morning. The infrastructure of towers and wires is impressive.
Plenty of equipment is still around even through it is 11 am and most of the trains have brought in the commuters by now. Around 3 pm the flow starts going north and west and south.
The view from the tower is impressive as we can see the Liberty tower heads above all the other buildings.  The tower at the edge of the river is the Lincoln or Holland tunnel venting system from New Jersey to New York City.
A power set moves through the complex of switches in the yard and they must be a real nightmare to keep in good order.
Kent, Burt and my brother Ed head for the train station itself. The power unit is a French built machine that Kevin says are unreliable because the computer systems can't take the pounding they get working the lines.

3 guys from Spokane go to New Jersey to see a football game in February?

Sleeping with the enemy...well sort of!
Random shots of travelers in the Denver airport on Thursday 1/30. Peace and harmony were everywhere!  It turns out that the 3 point underdog could have spotted the Broncos 34 points
and still could have won the bets!
After all we landed in Denver and they had 100% more Bronco shirts than we did. I have been watching old TV shows now that I am home and everything was picking Denver over Seattle by as much as 10 points!
Newark Airport has a monorail system to get us from the terminals to the car rental place. The adventure begins!
A fair and balanced bus graphic...imagine that in New York City! Or is it New Jersey where the game was played!
We found a motel room in New York State about 40 miles from the stadium and Burt poses with a CSXT police car at our place. I wonder how they knew where I was staying?
Our first stop when we got our car out of Newark Airport was at my favorite pizza place in the whole world was Pizza Town. I made two converts with Burt and Kent as to the flavor and taste of the place. Cleanliness was not in the judging!