Apr 26, 2016

Drummond, Montana and the Blossburg Tunnel

After we left Missoula we followed Mike Applegate to his home in Drummond where he grew up as
a teenager and that is his black SUV we are following. The Rex Terror ( dinosaur ) bones on display
at the Great Falls Museum were found about 2 miles away from Mike's house in Drummond.
Mike and his brother Robert have been working on this HO scale layout that we feature some of the
railroad scenes in the area and I have been asked to help with the scenery.
I would say that shelving is a top priority for the Applegates but that's below my pay grade to push it.
Back on the road to Helena, Marvin and I stopped to take photos of an westbound grain train and
they were busy cutting out the helpers at the bottom of the hill. They started back up the hill to the
Blossburg Tunnel. That's where we want to be!
I climbed up a short embankment to get a better angle at this helper set returning to Helena for another
westbound but first they need to return and I am there to catch them in the moment. The engineer gave
us a friendly wave.
Four big SD70ACe EMD units combine a force of 17,600 horsepower to assist trains that can't make
the stiff grade from Helena to Garrison, Montana as it must be near 2 percent westbound. That's a lot.

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