Apr 6, 2016

Fuel Tenders ... the BN finds a way around heavy Montana fuel taxes

Montana thought about how they can get more taxes into the treasury and they though the sugar daddy
was going to be the BN Railroad. The BN said they were going to pay as little fuel tax they could but how do you
get through a large state without refueling?
Bring the fuel from where ever they started and haul it with the locos. Hoses were connected with
pumps to keep the locos full of fuel for the complete trip. The fuel depot at Rathrum, Idaho eliminated the need
to such tankers in the consist as they got fuel to get them to Seattle and back to Rathrum without
any fuel stops. They got filled up again and could make their destination back east as well without stopping in Montana.
The BN had 100 of these EMD blue and white diesels on the roster fro about 10 years before the lease ran
out. They were called Oakways and they were serviced in a special repair shop back east to keep them
in top shape. The lease was not renewed as the math did not work out as planned.
The three main lines are clearly shown here at the different levels as well. We like to think they are
different railroads with different abilities as far as track radius, and train lengths especially the top
track as it is considered a private line to service the 3 industries up there.
I didn't show this engine in Steve Hart's lashup last week because of space but it usually does not work
in main line service as it is a switcher engine for yards. But it has to get there after its been serviced.
As it probable did thousands of times in Hillyard, a 2 unit set of F units go for a spin on the club's
turntable. The Fs served their time for over 40 years on the GN and now they are all resting in the
roundhouse in the sky.
One member had this set of RS-1s last week but one is an SP&S loco and the other is a Spokane
International loco in UP merger color.  But it's our railroad and we run 'em as we see fit.

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