Apr 7, 2016

The mighty Santa Fe shows up with a powerful 4-4-0 in charge.

Powerful for its time if it is 1890 but soon to be overtaken by larger and most efficient locomotives with more wheels and more power.  In the meantime
John Smith has his engine #114 pulling a healthy passenger train towards the untamed Southwest. 114 was my Boy Scout troop number! Rochelle Park, NJ.
A few days ago I caught this train and I noticed a lot of the cars had grafitti.
How much time, money and effort you think this boxcar got to have this kind of art?
This theme did not go unnoticed either as the graphics seem straightforward. I don't think they were
doing it for a baseball team.
his is about half of the cars passing by and I thought it made a strong symbol for oil and energy
independence for the USA. If you don't agree try walking to work tomorrow.

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