Apr 2, 2016

Where north meets south.

Better yet this is where the old ( 130 year old NP main) meets the new (80 year old) NP main at Pines Road in the Valley.
This eastbound was about ready to head east and this point is important as it is the choke point for the Funnel between Spokane and Sandpoint, Idaho.
The Spokane River crossing is about 600 yards from this point and is single track on a 100 year old steel trestle. They are talking about double tracking ...but when?
The bigger surprize was a caboose on the end! It must be a move to a location as they are no longer required.
This is not a Dash 9 but a newer, fancy one right out of the box. Nice and shiny. It is a ES44C4
and that means 4400 horsepower and it meets emission requirements.
These pushers were doing their part in getting it up to track speed.
A visitor named Chris stopped by the club on Thursday with a builder's plate which we think is
off a Butte, Anaconda & Pacific electric box motor.
Finally the other day I saw a headlight on the Union Pacific ( ex- SI) tracks and pulled over for the runby.
It turned out to be a Canadian Pacific train with 2 on the point and 1 pushing. Now that's a change!

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