Apr 1, 2016

Passing the time away along the Right of Way!

The wife had a 3 hour doctor's appointment on Thursday late morning and I had to wait 3 hours before she was ready to be picked up. So what does a
old time rail photographer do in downtown Spokane for 3 hours? I parked up on this little hill near the Sunset Junction Hobby Shop and took photos on
this fine day. The first train I saw was a Union Pacific oil train on BNSF trackage rights through Spokane. Check out that spacer hopper car's rust spot?
The second train was a BNSF pumpkin train with a mixed freight coming under the signal tower.
The highlight of the loads were 3 flat car loads of very long poles similar to what Marvin modeled
for his train.
Waiting for the next train was a problem as when I woke up taking a nap there was a black SUV
parked on the BNSF service track about 100 yards from me. My self preservation mind kicked in and
left the area before he got any closer as it could have been another railfan driving where he shouldn't
or it was one of those "friendly" folks who carry guns.  I made it over to a small hill overlooking the
bridge that crosses Division St and Sprague Avenue and caught this container train. Third eastbound.
Train four was a rare single unit bringing back the empty flats that carry Boeing aircraft bodies to
Everett, Washington from the midwest where they are built but without their wings. Note the space
between the right of way and the building in the distance. That is common on the south side of the
tracks because that was the single track that trains used to get through town when they were
elevating the line through Spokane. I was here for about an hour.
These Boeing train containers used to be bright yellow with the Boeing lettering on the sides.
After too many bullet holes in the containers Boeing through it was wiser not to advertise what was inside.

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