Apr 17, 2016

My least favorite spot to photograph trains on the Evergreen.

For years I have avoided using the back end of the club's layout as all the trains had a dark side to the models. I always looked to shoot stuff with the
favorable lighting to make the trains look better. This example of a SP diesel shows the shading to be dark as all the light is coming down on top of the models.
It's the same problem in the summer when the sun is at high noon. All the light hits the top of the head and makes deep shadows under the eye brows.
Here is what it looks like today with a train that is actually further out than the first shot but the lighting is much better on the sides of the locos. We added
another light bar and 5 light heads so the angle is better to properly highlight the sides. Scotty did the install.
Thursday night was party time as Marvin made 2 delicious pies for the 4 birthday boys in the club.
John Schwarze, John Smith and Marvin were there but Tom Frank left early and missed out.
Janis brought back a new model from Caboose Hobbies in Denver that actually smoked! I added some
more with Photoshop and someday a little grime to spice it up?
This little jewel has an engineer in the cab as well as a reading light so he can enjoy his comic
book collection while he runs his train.
I was at the club today doing decaling on some box cars when Steve Welton showed up with his UP/WP
locos. The lead unit is a model of the real one painted in WP colors but with a more dramatic paint scheme.

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