Jul 23, 2012

Saturday action on the Evergreen Railroad

I stopped by the club on Saturday and Jim was running trains to the pleasure of family so I got my camera out to record the action.
After spending 40 years in Alaska in the service and business Jim has an affinity for the Alaska Railroad. Those grain cars
are outstanding!
His granddaughter was there and admired Jim's trains running the layout. Lucky guy this Jim Bowden is... would you agree?
Sunday morning was a rain day in the Spokane area, at least around my home. Look at the flood at the bottom of my hill.
Saturday I was at the Fairgrounds and it rained so hard the roof edge of the building looked like a waterfall!
The B units are everywhere! These GP60s used to be mainline power pulling high speed intermodals. Now they are just
helpers on local service trains.
As least 4 B units are on this train facing west  They were ex-Santa Fe power before the merger. I didn't see any No Trespass
signs...did I?