Apr 26, 2016

Crossroads in the Spokane Valley

This eastbound is on what they call the new NP main and the original line (1883) is seen in the background of similar construction of concrete slabs.
The rail to the right was the original Spokane International line to Canada, now Union Pacific. The dirt road I am standing on was the Spokane & Inland
Empire electric line to Coeur d'Alene. It was taken over by the Great Northern and was abandoned in the BN era. Lots of history in one place located in the Spokane Valley.
When did the BNSF start painting their locos in red? It says BNSF on the cab but it was 1 of 2 units
they got from a Texas outfit and they wrecked the other one. It was working the Trentwood industry
when I saw it and managed to get away with a quick photo visit in enemy territory.
This Union Pacific crane was parked off Barker Road and I was impressed on how clean it was!
Speaking about clean how about this GN Big Sky passenger car shows off the interior lights. Gee, I wonder
where are all the riders are?
Marvin and I took a trip to Montana last weekend and found this Montana Rail Link high rail truck waiting
to get on the rails but we were looking for railroad action soon to arrive.
This MRL worker talks to Marvin about what they were up too. Looks like hey are going to fix a bad
rail spot somewhere down the line.
This BNSF train is one of many that use MRL tracks to get across Montana as opposed to their
own tracks further north on the old Great Northern line. This line was owned by the Northern Pacific.

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