Apr 22, 2016

Milwaukee Road's #265 returns to Spokane after 60 years!

A mere 3 miles from where I am standing the real locomotive passed this way some 60 years ago and has now returned to the Evergreen Railroad
but in a slightly smaller size. This one is owned by member Janis Ledum and it was the hit of the night at the club! Shiny new right out of the box!
Here we see it pulling a very healthy set of passenger cars owned by member Don Carnegie who
cooperated with Janis to make this scene complete.
Another impressive passenger train to show up for the first time is Keith Wiles 2 SDP45 passenger
units pulling a pure 20 car Big Sky Blue train set.
Keith runs the real ones for a living for the BNSF but he sure is proud of new train set. Seeing it as
a pure Big Sky Blue train without others colors involved it was an amazing sight. Too bad it removed
the Empire Builder colors that Great Northern was known for with the goat.
Earlier in the day Tommy Frank had his Union Pacific passenger train making the rounds on the red line.
That's quite a sight to see so many passenger cars following along behind streamlined diesels
just like the old days.  There were other trains I will cover when I get back from the Helena train show!

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