Dec 2, 2012

Memories of Avery, Idaho

My buddy from California came up north to visit me and we went to Avery, Idaho on May 15th to see the last of electric operations.  We climbed the hill to the north of the engine facilities to shoot from a high hill position.
On Bill Barker's layout he modeled the Avery facilities  to near perfection!

Looking east from the road overpass is the station, town and sub station. All electrics cut off at the train station and went to the engine house for service. The 2 Little Joes are moving into position near the station to take over an eastbound that  will have diesels on the point and will cut off and get out of the way.

Compare the photos and you can figure out where you are if you were looking at the Milwaukee
  Road layout near Hamilton, Montana. Nice job Bill !


  1. My Grandfather (and Grandmother) worked for the Milwaukee Road and I spent a few summers in both Avery and Adair. Man, that was a loooong time ago!

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