Apr 28, 2016

Is it a model or the real thing?

The detail on today's models straight out of the box is remarkable when you think back when we were kids
and a block of wood may have sufficed as a locomotive. The model has windshield wipers, hoses, handrails,
lights and a perfect, sharp paint job. Very few modelers could achieve this level of quality today.
Same train, same location but further back I now see the rest of the loco and train.
Here's an improbable shot to have 2 BN trains exiting two tunnel portals but this is imagination
stuff and there is no boss to tell us we can't do it. This is the area that we added more lights.
Back near Cobbleton and the port district we see the BNSF waiting for clearance to enter the tunnel area
on the Blue Main and the BN diverting on the Red Main to pass the Union Station and beyond.
There may be no more cabooses but now we can look forward to catching another set of power on the
tail end of most BNSF trains.  This one still has the famous Santa Fe paint but they are fading fast.
Somebody left the light on in the tunnel?

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