Apr 29, 2016

Fast moving trains add to the challenge

When I bring my camera into the club I try to take action shots rather than posed shots. This is one of them. Greg was running this Maine Central engine and
rather than ask Greg to stop at a certain location I try to pan my camera to the same speed of the train so the engine is in focus and the scenery is blurred.
Here's another one but not as much success. All the cars in the yard are hopelessly blurred as I was
holding the camera over my head to try to stop the 2 Milwaukee Road trains. The one in the
background was a bonus as I was moving to the right and would increase the blur factor as that train
was moving to the left..
This moving shot was better than the still shots I took so I went with it.  Mike Conners set of GN RS-2s.
This one we see that the trucks are in focus but Tom Kirk's Rio Grande train is moving. Oh well.
I was sitting down in one of our club chairs when Greg's train was approaching the front of the layout
and I took a grab shot. The loco is so small that the movement can't be seen so I went with it.
Jim Bowden's 2-10-2 ( 2 wheels leading, 10 driving wheels and 2 trailing make the wheel arrangement ) meets up with Greg's 2-8-2. I moved at the right speed of the locos
and got them in pretty good focus. And for you environmentalists' out there the smoke is fake so don't think the Evergreeners are hurting anything but your religion.

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