Jul 6, 2015

Thursday action on the Evergreen

It's 1967 all over again as Scotty Smith brings back the Empire Builder with a vary well detailed  F unit set in charge.
Greg Mercier likes more than SP&S as this Maine Central GP9 shows. Greg's wife is from the northeast and Greg rode a few trains back there.
Milwaukee Raod steam brings a freight train over Beaver Canyon as a lone fisherman does not seem to mind the proximity of his demise.
A local SP&S Alco passes a relic of the past in the form of a water tank that is not needed by diesels.
2 F units a tested to see if they can keep up with track speed with a hefty Builder in tow on a tough grade in the front of the layout. Scotty Smith is the owner.
Finally, we have another member from the great state of Idaho join the ranks of the Evergreen. His name is Mike Conners and he now makes for the 5th Mike in the train club.