Feb 13, 2015

Catching up on Evergreen Model Railroad Club action!

The Fassler brothers, Mike and Peter have a neat looking Canadian Pacific passenger train coming together and they look live they are right at home in the Selkirks
Mr. SP&S Keith Wiles is putting together a early 50s freight train but these coal cars need loads!
Phil of Pesek peak fame, got a new toy in the name of a Kansas City Southern big steam engine. I love how he highlighted the wires between the engine and tender to make it look more prototypical!
Keith switched power to 4 of his 13 FAs he has in his inventory for the SP&S. The coal cars still don't have loads!
Tommy Frank is proud of his BNSF set with one of those famous B units in the middle of the power.
Spike Gorley has 2 CP trains running and when I saw them coming together I got him to stop and pose for this shot. Marvin's LMX train was iceing on the cake! If I don't get them to stop the train will be a bit blurry.

Installing a top to a mountain.

Recall that this mountain top was built 'off site' to make it easier to build, you will notice from the photos below that where it will be placed is a bit of a challenge to get to easily!.
When we first installed the top we found that we added too much edging and it was wider than the mountain allowed so I cut some off the right edge so it would align with the bottom rocks.
I then added some foam spacers to the base to allow the corner to align better with the walls but
than meant making more of the front part to have larger rocks than I was planning.
As I added the rock ( plaster castings ) to the edge I was not sure this was going to work but the space and the steep angles make me wonder what could I do different than what I was doing.
Working up there and bending over got me worn out after 20 minutes. I called on Burt to bail me out
as he heard me talk on scenery many times. Burt did most of the spackle work between the rocks
to join the rock collection into one piece.
I then encouraged Burt to add some of the "oatmeal" ( a more technical version of paper mache ) to the left slope and cover some of the rock that I installed along the edge of the addition.  Burt also sprinkled some color on the oatmeal to give it some color. Next week I will colorize the rock to look like the grey already there.  The trees will also be cut down as they were too big.