Apr 26, 2016

36 inches of muscle

This impressive model is about 36 inches in length as it is a G scale Big Boy and they had it operating on some 30 feet of track!
I hear they sell for over $4000.00 but I don't think this one was for sale at the Livingston show.
In the basement of one of the buildings they have a model train club, maybe 3 of them, in HO scale,
N scale and Lionel. This one was HO scale with a modern coal train making the rails hum. Scenery was
pretty good in most places.
A trailer train takes the high road around this curve with many people looking on.
The roundhouse seemed filled to the brim with equipment just like the real ones would look like as
they didn't seem to throw anything away.
In one spot they had government workers in striped suits working on the railroad. I wonder if any of
them are politicians?
Looks like the same trains we saw outside on the MRL. The scenery was very good in places and the layout
would look better if they had more space for one scale instead of three.
Lionel had a piece of the basement and you can tell its Lionel when you see 3 rails on the track.

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