Sep 25, 2017

Train Car Loads Sale a the Evergreen Club

One of our favorite non members showed me an error in my message, now corrected. jerry



Hi Guys,

On Thursday, October 12th at 6:30 pm we will have a special guest at our club.

Everyone is welcome. We are located at 18213 East Appleway in the Spokane Valley.

Exit 283 Barker Road off I-90, go south 5 blocks to Appleway and turn right to club. Jerry


Matthew Lentz the owner of Arms Length Models will be at our club

to show and sell his fantastic loads for Flatcars, Gondolas, Center

Beams and more and he will be selling them factory direct at our club

on Thursday, October 12th starting at 6:30 pm.

I have attached a copy of his 2018 catalog to those that are interested.



Sep 24, 2017

What if the Milwaukee Road survived?

Every so often Don Carnegie brings out a brand new "what if" they were able to avoid bankruptsy and purchase the newest GE or EMD engine models. Here's what they
would have looked like in the form of an 1/87 scale model. They certainly would have been "Little Joe Killers" as electrication would not have been needed.
What if the Spokane, Portland & Seattle had 4-6-6-4 Challengers just like the big railroads? Oh wait , they did have a few and the came to Spokane quite often.
Steve Weso's model of the #900 is a thing of beauty as it stops at the Bakersville station...but why? It's a freight train?
Mr SP&S himself, Keith Wiles had his train our on the main line last week as it made its way past the Blue Main yard.
By accident I caught 3 trans cabooses in one shot without any encouragement of the owners. What's a caboose you might ask? You will have a ask a member smarter than me.
Scotty Smith is a big Union Pacific fan especially he likes the large units the railroad had such as Gas Turbines,  Centennials and these high horsepower units.
Out for a test run to see if everything is working properly.

Sep 15, 2017

Big time model railroading at the Evergreen!;

With the amazing ability to take such sharp photos with an iphone on small models plus the detail of the models has gotten so good it sometimes is hard to tell a model from the real thing.
Here we have an American 4-4-0 engine that was the type used during the Civil War between the states by both sides sitting on a siding waiting for new instructions at Bakersville.
Time is 152 years later as two 4400 hp locomotives are hauling beautiful coal for someone to heat their home or run their factory. Powerful, efficient engines running on welded rail
and concrete ties with computers helping to lead the way safely. All we need now is an awake crew to get us there!
Coal train meets grain train safely on passing tracks on the Evergreen. Both trains are the brain child's of Steve Weso who follows prototype in what he models.
BN1 & 2 help out from BN official duties to getting a Talgo train from point A to point B. Talgos ran from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, BC along the Pacific Coast. they were
built to tilt when going around a curve so it was more comfortable for customers. The BN units I painted for Robert Case who was visiting us last week from Chelalis, Washington
On Steve Weso's BNSF coat train I showed earlier this unit was on the tail pushing the train so it takes away the strain of couplers on long, heavy trains. The rear light is on for safety.
New member Jesse has this little GN switch engine up on the Green Branch for small trains and Jesse stopped in a good place for a photo. I hope you agree?

Sep 9, 2017

Passenger trains ruled the day on the Evergreen!

Two members without communicating what they are planning to bring to the club this week ran near exact copies of the North Coast Limited. One of them is owned by
Marvin Sheppard and the other is owned by Greg Mercier but I don't know which is which.
Now they are going in different directions and this would have happened every day somewhere on the system as they traveled from St. Paul, MN to Seattle, WA. I did it
3 times before I moved out to Spokane in 1967.
Short Amtrak train runs on the Red line as it gets the green from the semaphore as it passes through. Life is good!
It's even better with 2 P40s moving many cars on the Blue Main. We rode this train 2 months ago to Havre, Montana as a 24 hour marathon.
The eras don't match up as an SP&S passenger train comes out of a tunnel with Amtrak F40s move a Talgo train that ran along the coast of Washington State. The caers
look like they are the wrong scale but they are!
Jim Bowden had his Alaska train making the rounds with his 1999 version of what ran. I took the photo with available light through the front window to add to the drama
of the scene. It looks like it is twilight as the sun receeds.

Railfanning the "new" fashioned way

When I found out months ago that Ernest had a drone at his disposal we planned to get together some Saturday afternoon and today was the day!
We met at the Irvin Bridge in the Spokane Valley to do our test of drone railfanning, Ernest is looking at the computer screen in hopes of blocking the sun's
glare on the screen.
Some ex-BNSF engineer retired guy named Keith Wiles joined us but none of the passing railroaders waved at us.
If the BNSF cops caught us we figured we could run faster than Keith so went the theory. It wasn't necessary.
Here's the launch of the spy drone taking off as we heard the whistle of a train for the nearby grade crossings.
Four motors and a good camera lens as Ernest aimed it at the tracks and bridge.
Our first train was a single unit local coming back to Parkwater from the Industrial Park in the valley.
The next target was an eastbound oil train heading back to North Dakota for a refill. The hopper car
is a spacer between the locos and the tank cars just in case something goes wrong. The drone is in
the air but I can't see it against the blue sky. By the way no smoke to get in the way today. Video to follow?

Railroad photo collection link

This is a collection of photos from Dan Perkins, I knew him in the early
days when I was with the Inland Empire Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.
It brings back a lot of good memories. Jerry
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Subject: photo collection link

Sep 7, 2017

Visitors from a strange land beyond the mountains..

This week you can expect 2 e-mails as the stuff keeps pouring in. Tonight we are treated to new stuff from a recent new member called Doug Nyschwonger (spelling?) who moved here recently from Seattle area ( I think they have a football team over there) who is known for writing 4 books for us railfans. 2 Northern Pacific and 2 Milwaukee Road books so he knows stuff. He is a prolific modeler with lots of stuff from the midwest including these GM&O locos.
Last week's introduction was to the Monon Railroad that ran somewhere near Indiana? All of his stuff
is well done and detailed by Doug.
Chicago & Northwestern was consumed by the UP back a number of years ago but modeling keeps it alive.
Doug did all the work on these.
Little known railroad is the Des Moines & Central Iowa but where they run is a mystery to me. Doug model.
The Burlington Route or CB&Q are still looking for those elusive Zephyrs along their right of way
but we keep hoping. Doug model.
One of our ex-members showed up at the club and got trackage rights to run Tacoma Rail locos on our layout.
His name is Robert Case from Centralia. No relation to Doug.

Sep 2, 2017

The Builder is reborn! In a slightly smaller size!

When the Evergreen club visited Havre by Amtrak last month the highlight was seeing this impressive
Great Northern 4-8-4 passenger locomotive on display. The number was 2581.
Jim Bowden has a smaller copy of it numbered 2584 and almost as impressive. As you can see Jim's is not as weathered as the Havre version but in its day the big one would have had this dark green boiler as well. Smoke and steam provided by Quinn.
Jim also ran these two CN models with a factory inspired paint scheme. 
Union Pacific was represented by these 2 GP9s but I can't remember which member was running them?
The mighty Weso has these two sets of power and train providing the scenery this past Thursday.
the 3 BN units were special paint and the blue and white units are Oakway lease units that ran at
BNs behest.
Sometimes I even forget that we have a dock for overseas deliveries to justify a tugboat donated to the
Evergreen club by Mike Walcker, a prior member from Wenatchee, Washington 200 miles away
Speaking of priors, we had Robert Case, Phil Pesek visit us this past week, and Mike Applegate
promises to stop by Tuesday on his way back to Portland where he he working these days. We are blessed
with such friends.