May 4, 2016

Man does not live by freight trains alone..

Greg Mercier had 4 NP GP9s on the road today but by the time I got my camera in action it was down to three. Oh well three is better than two?
Especially when such a beautiful passenger train shows up like Keith Wiles' 20 car Great Northern
set as it transits the port district on the Evergreen layout.
Keith's power for the passenger train are 2 brand new SDP45s that were built as freight engines but
they added 4 feet on the rear and added steam boilers to them to keep the cars warm in the winter.
The track to the right is owned by a competitor railroad  that I refer to as the Red Line. The other
2 are for the Blue line and the middle track is the passing siding for an opposing train.
Railroads arch enemy is still the trucking industry that gives the railroads plenty of trouble fighting
for a lot of the country's business. Hey trucker, watch out for those boulders on the road! Where's the
scenery guys when you need them?
I was pleasantly surprised to see the old Great Northern tower
from a new vantage point which is the Davenport' Grand
Hotel, a brand new 500 room hotel located just south of
Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane. I was involved in trying
to save the station back in 1972. Pay no attention
to the girl on the sofa!

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