Apr 12, 2016

Spanky is still playing with trains

On my way to work this morning I spotted moving oil cans on the old  Spokane International RR tracks so I moved to an intercept spot I knew would be safe.
Oh look, I thought to myself, its one of those foreigner trains with Canadian Pacific power on it. Oh well, the guys can enjoy these photos just the same.
With my 18-200 mm lens on and I had it fully extended when this employee gets out through the front door....
and ruins the shot! It must be a brakie doing his job or some guy going to wave me off with his finger!
No..... it my buddy Steve Myers who claims he is an engineer for the Union Pacific, but who's driving
this thing if he is out on the deck? Steve's nickname is Spanky from the Our Gang comedy films of years gone by.
Almost a pretty boy shot of Steve waving to his old boss when he got out of the Army and worked for me
at Signal Signs as a silk screen worker back in 1992. I'm glad to see he is doing well
Steve has all 3 locos under control as there is one more pushing his 100 car train over Trent Avenue and soon
to be on ex-NP, now BNSF rails heading for Hinkle, Oregon.  Steve will see this as he is on the list!
The 10 mph travel allowed me to get in my car for this final shot of the pusher that Steve is in control of.
Or is he???

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