Apr 27, 2016

Shooting with a telephoto lens makes a difference.

On returning to Helena on Saturday afternoon we decided to go up to Mullan Pass from the east side this time and catch more rail action. Not being there for some 20 years
I was not sure where to go but we did find our way. We missed an eastbound and decided to return by following him down the hill but could never get ahead of him. Near
Austin we saw a headlight on a westbound so we turned around for this opportunity. The lighting, the dip in the track, the headlights on the loco made this shot special.
Here's the same train and the same spot but instead of doing a 200 mm tele shot I pulled back
to a normal setting of around 30 mm and this is what I shot. Boring! Average! Thank goodness that I got a long lens!
From this perspective it looks like the track is level.
Sunday morning we got to the Helena train show and this was a very good event as lots of people and
lots of bargains to be found.
Heading home I suggested to Marvin to stop at St. Regis, Montana and found this family of hoofers
out for a late afternoon walk. Look at the camera and smile!
My main reason for stopping was to take a shot at the old Milwaukee Road bridge crossing the Clark
Fork River, The section over the MRL (ex-NP) tracks has been removed to keep people like me from going out
on it.
Marvin grew up about 40 miles from here up the river at Paradise. The MRL tracks are to the left by the
big tree and he is parked on the old right of way to Wallace, Idaho when the NP originally built west.
I'm standing on the Milwaukee Road bridge abutment.  Life is good!

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