Apr 19, 2016

The Spokane station not worth fighting over!

In 1972 we fought to save the Great Northern/SP&S station and also the Union station. The one station that
was not in the fight was the NP station. As I remember it was a pale green in color with 2 buildings
on each side to make it another ugly looking warehouse in downtown Spokane. It looks fine today but not
back then.
Early stages of remodel of NP station.  Storage/warehouse apendages removed from both ends.Date 1975?
In better times at the turn of the century tracks were at  the first floor before elevation of tracks to 2nd floor.
Just down the street ( west ) from the NP station trolley lines ( Stevens? ) crossed the NP tracks.
This right of way is now elevated to avoid this problem. Passenger cars can be seen on curve in background.
I would guess it is 1903 with commentary on bottom of photo that troops were heading for
the Philipines to deal with a.....Muslim uprising!!!
This modern concept of power showed up at the Spokane Amtrak station of Sept. 1971. It didn't make it!

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