Apr 16, 2016

The fleet continues to grow!

As much as I like to run trains I thin k I enjoy building them more! Here is my latest creation as the
SI never had this type of car but that didn't stop me. I took the box car lettering and added the 3 color
herald that I SI used on some of their equipment and made a what if?
Not only did I make the car but I made 5 of them to make a believable collection of what could have happened.
They have gravel loads added by adding gravel and glue and water and repeat.
A real car they had were 40 foot flat cars, 75 of them I believe and I gathered up different units to
make a unique load for them to get it to some lucky customer in the back woods.
Another flat got a commercial load as a like all my open cars to have a load on them for flats,
hoppers, gondolas so they look like they are earning their keep on the railroad.
You've seen this one before and I liked it so much I am in the process of making another!
Rod and Janis just got back traveling the west and he brought back a bunch of stuff for members to have including
pens, flyers from museums, railroads and hobby shops. It might inspire a future trip?

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