Apr 26, 2016

A visit to Dennis Washington's corporate headquarters

The Montana Rail Link is a railroad that spans from Laurel, Montana ( Billings ) to Sandpoint, Idaho
with trackage rights to Spokane, Washington so it's a pretty long railroad. But Missoula, Montana
is the heart of the system where Mr. Washington has his private train kept under cover. This caboose
sits next to it.
The cars are kept in excellent condition and as most of you remember I took photos of it coming into Spokane
about one year ago.
One interesting aspect of it that this car set is an ex-Southern Pacific design and this wheel arrangement
was unique to them that it shares it between 2 cars. Open access inside is the reason.
The Queen of the fleet is the observation car where all the big shots hang out with Dennis when he
wants to show his empire off to customers, guests and railfans?
Dennis owns more than a railroad as he is in the construction industry in a big way as well. Here this
tiny barge sits in a storage yard next to the corporate head quarters and I wondered how they move
this thing to water?
The long gone railroad called the Milwaukee Road is remembered with this wide vision caboose
stuffed and mounted for future generations that will say " What's a caboose?" It was located near
Clinton, Montana. Maybe they should change the name of the town?

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