Apr 11, 2016

The two faces of Mount Whitney

This was how Mount Whitney looked on December 9th, 2009 or 15 months after we opened our doors at the Evergreen club. I used a large mold that
was made for texturing outdoor projects and not rock formations. Live and learn. I also used mellow tans. Burt added the road to connect the city with
the mine up on top of the hill. It all proved to be quite boring to everyone including me.  Change is in the wind!
Now the mountain is higher, a bridge was used to span over the other railroad tunnels, better rock molds were used and darker colors were more
impressive. The original plan had a 3 pointed star track plan but now it has a 22 inch circle to get back off the mountain. Small trees were used to
force the perspective that the mountain seems higher and further away. Now we are talking about eliminating the rail yard and installing an industry.

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