Mar 29, 2017

Fw: : Santa Fe 3751 in emergency....technically called "what the...............".


Subject: 3751 in emergency

I don't think I have shared these shots with anyone before.   This was on June 1, 2008 coming back up from San Diego.  I had stopped at the rest stop near Camp Pendleton to catch 3751 one more time, the sun was pretty much down behind the ocean haze.   I was balancing myself on a wall when 3751 went into emergency right in front of me, I didn't know what I was seeing but I thought the whole was going to blow.  It was the backsplash from firebox I guess.  Just wish I was in focus for the money shot but I started looking for cover!

Not the way we are used to seeing 3751.

Mar 28, 2017

Fw: My vote for the best model railroader is.....

Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 11:50 PM
Subject: My vote for the best model railroader is.....
This guy. His name is John Magedanz who shows up at the Spokane train show selling his work.
Probably many of us pass his booth thinking it's the same old stuff, but its not!
He is a air brush expert that makes most of our work look like kids stuff as his models are sharp, accurate and in N scale! Think about the toughest paint job
imaginable and Jon could do it. This examples sitting on his table convinced me of that.
Here's another group of models done in Northern Pacific freight colors and other proto jobs around them.
They are not cheap but they are terrific looking models that anyone should be proud to own. My only
regret is that he is not a member of the Evergreen club and showing us how he does it. Does he get your vote?

Mar 26, 2017



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Mar 24, 2017

North to Portland and up the Columbia!

Coming into Portland was this aerial transport thing but I don't know the need for it.
On the Columbia at the Dalles was a large collection of UP refrigerator cars with all the graffiti on them.
Where's a cop when you need them? And a whip! Ex-member Pete Heppler has a fleet of these cars with
all the markings on them to look like these cars.
These Canopex cars come through Spokane with regularity and here they are waiting to get into a
port district to unload their cargoes for some foreign destination as it is used for fertilizer to grow crops.
Steve spotted this TTX car where it was built last month in Mexico and looked magnificent. It has
avoided the graffiti guys for now but 6 months from now....who knows.
The tracks run real close to the road for miles but pulling off somewhere does not work very well.
So I must shoot thru the windshield.
This shot was from a turnaround so getting off the road was easy and not dangerous as this westbound
made itself available to my camera. Not the windmills in the distance. Thank you all you taxpayers.
That's Steve's car in the distance as we caught this eastbound near the same spot as the other shot before.
No trees in this part of the canyon.
The location was across from Maryhill, Washington as you can see the mansion across the way. it has a
smaller version of Stonehenge as well. It was named after Jim Hill's  wife or daughter.
Jim Hill owned the Great Northern Railway.

Traveling thru Oregon is like traveling thru time!

For dinner on Saturday Steve Hart and I decided on the Old Spaghetti Factory in Corvallis where
Winterail was held this year.
It is in an old Southern Pacific depot that was moved twice near as I can recall. Imagine moving a
block building that any deviation in the structure would make it crumble into little pieces? But they did!
The next morning we heading back north towards home and we took the back roads instead of the highway
and crossed this covered bridge reminding me of simplier days of travel.
Look at the moss that all the rain this area gets!
Another railroad bridge has been saved as a bike path and walking bridge. Love the fog!
This graffiti caught my eye and I realized that this was no brain surgeon that wrote this message or
I have been eating custard with the wrong attitude as it might be a dangerous substance.
100 yard down the road was the SP depot turned into a museum that was not open to see what the
history was of the area. Lumber would be my guess.

Mar 22, 2017

Evergreen video shows off the layout the best way possible.

The only way it could be better if my trains were shown.
I guess I need to run them when Steve Weso is there? JERRY
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 9:04 PM
Subject: Evergreen video
Hi Jerry,
Guess what I did - yup, another club video with sound.
Please share accordingly.
By the way, those were my cabooses. 
the Weso
click on this here link ----->

The fleet keeps growing and so does the club!

Marvin keeps growing the fleet of Northern Pacific GP 7s and 9s just like the big boys did when they were the best locos EMD could produce!
Maybe the last run of the BN F unit fleet as Robert Case is going to be heading home to Centralia,
Washington to finish out his college classes there. We are going to miss our youngest member
but rumor is we will get him back next fall?
Another race was recorded as these two sets of power want to compete against each other and see
who gets there first. With that crane in tow slowing him down I think the winner is gonna be the NP.
Nobody, but nobody is going to beat the speed champ of the club with his Western Pacific GE U-boats
hauling the goods to the next destination run by lead foot John Schwarze!
I can't remember which member decided to run all his cabooses on his train but here they are! Most of them
are prior railroads of the BN and all of them are highly detailed.
Our newest member brings us to another high in member count. Dick will know be our 36th member
so introduce yourself to him when you come by the club.

Mar 21, 2017

Railfanning the Columbia River

Steve Hart are on the Oregon side of the river and we caught a BNSF train from Vancouver, WA making its way on to the Cielo Bridge near Wishram as it
tries to get to Northern California through the middle part of Oregon. This is the old SP&S territory where Basalt is the rock of choice.
The southern edge of the Columbia is run by some short line called the Union Pacific and they even
work when it is raining!
Portland has an extensive trolley/light rain system so they don't have to ride their bikes in the rain
to pick up their welfare checks.
My main goal was to sell my photo CDs at Winterail where they had a gathering of hundreds of rail fans
for the afternoon and evening sessions. The morning session was to sell stuff.
They had photos, books, magazines, slides, tee shirts and more for the great unwashed.
During one of the breaks I took this photo to show the beautiful auditorium that we had for the dozen
presentations that the better photographers of the railroad scene were presenters for the shows.
It was really well done and I plan to come back next year if I can.

Mar 17, 2017

BN-1 goes on its maiden run....with a freight?

Back in the 1980s BN decided to fancy up their executive passenger train with the classic F units shown here in model form.  Much was done to these
venerable iconic class of locomotive power that changed railroading from dirty steam to comfortable diesel power. Robert Case wanted them in his collection.
A surprise thank you note was delivered to the club today by the visitors we had on Tuesday. I think
everyone was impressed by the effort they put into thanking us for a one hour visit they had here.
Maybe we made a few future model railroaders for our efforts?
Another surprise visitor was this SP&S 4-6-6-4 steamer owned by member Steve Hart who was visiting
us from Pasco, Washington where he works for the BNSF as an engineer. We have 5 BNSF engineers in the
club!  Railroaders and model railroaders usually don't hang out with each other!
Lots of Alco-haulics shows up at the club as Steve brought his collection of Alcos such as this C-636
in BN colors. They lasted about 10 years as BN units instead of SP&S engines.
Right after the merger in 1970 all the locos started to get BN numbers but the 341 managed to stay
out of the paint booth for a few months at least. Keith Wiles has 2 of these monsters, one with BN number and
the lead unit still in the SP&S number it was born with.
Speaking of monsters on the Midway I have something I missed including on prior e-mails and that
is this steam engine/ flying bomber I think?  Some guy named Rod Huffman has too much time on his hands
and this must remind him of his flying days for the Air Force. If we had a fleet of these types maybe the
bad guys would leave us alone?

Mar 16, 2017

Waiting to get on Amtrak....but first duck!

It seems their reflexes could have been a lot faster! 
Worth watching!   Jerry
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Mar 15, 2017

Kid's day at the Evergreen Railroad

I got a call from a lady who asked if they could have a tour of the train club this past Tuesday and I thought it was a good idea to spread the
faith to the youngsters as well as railfans and modelers. They showed up to droves and were duly impressed!
Marvin's train was a big hit with moving airplane bodies in the consist.
Keith had his SP&S passenger train making the rounds as well.
Union Pacific was represented by John Schwarze who says he is an engineer with the BNSF but we
haven't seen his green card or whatever allows him to run a train.
This short train was handled by a local unit droping off and picking up business along the way.
Robert is our resident BN modeler.
Speaking of Robert he asked me if I would remake 2 F units from Milwaukee Road to BNs executive train power
that they call BN-1 and BN-2. Here I am applying the gloss finish coat to BN-1 and now Robert can add the
windows, handrails and stainless steel panels to the model. It may be finished by now? Note the telephone
book is my work area so as it gets paint or whatever I tear off another page!