Apr 13, 2013


Member Steve Welton goes historic with a steam engine and 1040s era cars! Notice the shine on the loco and the nice clean cars trailing behind.  It just seemed a shame to put smoke into such a pretty picture? It looks good and sounded great but alias, no smoke.
Pete admires Mike Baker's log container train making its way through Bakersville and our farmland. Some day we plan to have a completed fence around the farm to keep all those animals from escaping to the meat plant.
It's getting almost twilight in Old Town as a truck makes its way back to its home base. That Mobilgas structure must have been hit by a truck!
And someone stole their furniture as well!
Jim Trunzo's Pennsylvania train goes off into the sunset ( if we had a sunset) in front of the layout. We are working on the port district but not much can be done until the wharf ramp to the barge to installed so we know where to set stuff and how deep will the water be? The joys of model railroading!

Apr 7, 2013

Video! Evergreen Layout Video from 2010

This was put together by my youngest son James.
The layout still has work needed to be done but it's worth seeing.

Apr 5, 2013

Steaming Mad or Diesel Obsessed

Steam engines seem to generate more passion than a modern diesel with most Evergreen  members but no survey has been taken to prove that. This 4-8-4 used to be a pristine SP&S locomotive but now it has joined the ranks of the Northern Pacific roster in a weathered format! I need to work on that depth of field issue Phil.
Just so we don't leave out the mighty Great Northern I added an emblem on top of our engine house just like they had up there in Hillyard. The real one must have been 8 feet in diameter!
Just so we don't leave out the Union Pacific or its little brother Western Pacific here is Pete's new addition to the inventory. The lead unit is one of those heritage units that they did a few years ago.
We may have a new sheriff in town now that Pete has showed off his new interest in weathering his equipment.
Pete is now using chalks in many colors to make his equipment look prototypical.
He has also gone with a lot of graffiti with markers that is sees real ones and tries to emulate them on his equipment. Maybe someone can talk Pete into doing a clinic for the club one night soon! That's Fearless Frank in the background!

Apr 4, 2013

More of the same!

Thursday night has a few more views that I had left over so here they are. Burt's new 2-6-0 puts on a show on Mt. Whitney.  Maybe I should not bring this up but do I detect some coal dust coming off the tender?  But its a model!
We had a few visitors on our Thursday night run checking out the famous California Zephyr owned by Idaho magnate Steve Walton.  Its heading for California the land of....oh, never mind!
Mr. Wishram, Keith Wiles has his favorite railroad and passenger train running on the high iron. SP&S purchased a number of cars from the Katy RR and the others are in Great Northern colors but owned by the SP&S to run across the country to Minneapolis with the Empire Builder out of Spokane.
We got a traffic jam with 3 trains but only 2 tracks as the trains approach the tunnels. Spike Gorley is running his CP passenger train. John Smith has the Southern Pacific Cab Forward with an ice reefer block and Chad has my Milwaukee Fs in the opposing direction.  Burt's smaller oil tanks are also in the scene. Soon we will weather road and add pot holes and cracks in the port district. Stay tuned!
Burt's little steamer crosses one of our large bridges on the Green Mine branch. Woops, I forgot the coal dust!