Mar 28, 2013

Like shooting fish in a barrel!

While waiting for a BNSF coal train I saw being held up by a red signal I worked my way back to a spot where I could look down on the train for a better angle. Behind Sunset Junction hobby shop in downtown Spokane BNSF installed these relatively new signal towers. While I was waiting a Union Pacific empty Canopex unit train passed eastbound.
This is Canadian Potash that is sold to China for fertilizer and comes in on the UP/SI line from Canada thru Spokane.
Further delay on the famous coal train was maintenance equipment passing me eastbound, then 10 minutes later passing me westbound.
Specialized equipment like this tamper keeps the ties and rails at the proper alignment vertically so they wont sag when a train passes over.
After about an hour the coal train passes this spot with the new school and business buildings in the background where once was industrial warehouses.
Now the normal on many trains is a pusher locomotive that is controlled by the head engineer. No need to signal the pusher in the old days by whistle or telephone.  An engineer and a brakeman in the lead unit moving over 100 cars of 100 tons each. My how efficient. My coal dust meter did not detect any dust from these cars!

Mar 22, 2013

Working over the Port District

After Burt got done with his fashion show he got on top of the layout to do the details on the rails with weathering, add the ballast and smooth out the area where the oil tanks will go inside the red Main tracks. Pipes will tie it all together to the load facility.
New member Mike (Spike) Gorley helped Burt out with sealing the gaps between the tracks with spackle. Its good to have guys with young knees!
At the end of the night I put in the oil tanks that Burt built in a smaller version so as not to overwhelm the area, I put a little touch to it so they look industrial!
Brock showed yup with a brand new set of Union Pacific SD90s with sound and ditch lights! They were impressive.
Peter Fassler, new member Mike's son was wondering why this car looks so shiny. I didn't know what to say to him as I never saw one that looked that way?
The Evergreen club just signed up new member Tom Kirk. That makes us 31 members strong!

Mar 11, 2013

TV time at the Evergreen!

In preparation for the open house at the club we invited the media and KHQ TV showed up at 7:40 am to shoot live coverage of the upcoming event. Chad and Phil showed up to help me do the segment and I appreciated it very much. I can't get the news Face book video to attach properly to e-mails.
We got coverage in the local newspaper as well and the folks started showing up at 3 pm instead of the advertised 5 pm. The little guy was impressed with Jim's UP passenger train.
The shutter bugs were out in force as Burt's little teakettle was rounding the bend.
It's about 4 pm and the crowd thickens around the layout. Brock Nelson, in the green club shirt, rejoined the club after a few months absence and we are happy that he has returned and participate in the open house. Dorothy Gorley, in her 8th month of pregnant, took the time to make 4 dozen cookies for the troops to enjoy. The members seem to eat them faster than the guests. Look at that great vista with no cabinets in the way.
Rough and tumble Gas Turbine passes brand new fancy pants F units on the Union Pacific and shows the newbie how to make smoke and noise.
The Alaska Connection is apparent as Jim shows off his adopted state railroad where is spent the last 40 years of his life.

Mar 7, 2013

Open House Saturday March 9th

Evergreen RR Modelers will open its doors to visitors on Saturday night, March 9th from 5 pm to 9 pm
30 members of a model railroad club in the Spokane Valley have created a spectacular HO train layout to run trains and have fun.
We would like to share a part of the experience with visitors from far and wide when they show up at the Spokane Model Train Swap Meet the following day at the Fairgrounds. Your imagination will be expanded when you see the mountains, the bridges, the city scapes that make up part of this 25' by 60 ' room filled with many scenes to impress even the most jaded among us.
The date is Saturday, March 9th at 5 pm to 9 pm, the location is 18213 East Appleway in the Spokane Valley and admission is free.
For more information please call Jerry Quinn at 509-939-5845