Apr 5, 2016

In the dim past of Spokane history, we had an extensive trolly system.

It would be hard to prove it as everything has been removed, altered and "improved' ....except this bridge.
It is located just east of the Park Road in the Spokane Valley. The bridge is owned by the Union Pacific
and it connects Spokane with the Dishman Mica branch down to the Palouse and beyond where it
connected with the Milwaukee Road tracks back in the day. Looking south.
The point of the photo is the angled underpass where the Vera line went under after traveling down
East Sprague Ave. and on to Liberty lake, and Coeur d'Alene. Yes, I remember them pulling up tracks
in the middle of Sprague in front of the old United Paint building some 30 years ago. I believe there
is a brick building on the top of the hill to the east that was a railroad building but not sure. Looking northeast.
Is there anything else left?
On the current timeline I caught up with this eastbound along Trent Ave. with a varied collection of power.
This borrowed CSX unit is a long way from home being it is an east coast railroad and all they
count is the miles they contribute and someone sends them a bill for the use.
I never knew there was a railroad for this U.S. Sugar Corp. maybe its going back east for repairs?
Finally, here is a chopped nose GP9 in MRL colors. One could bet that it was a GN, NP or BN unit
in its teenage years but still working after 50 years of service. Old solders never die....they just...

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