Feb 26, 2016

Cool coal trains and other hot items.

In Montana and Washington State the Milwaukee Road and the Northern Pacific ran parallel to each
other for hundreds of miles so this scene could have taken place. I know of one part in Montana where they
have tunnels next to each other. The place name escapes me for the moment.
I asked Don how many cars he has and 36 seems to have been the answer. They are all with loads and Don has 30 others without loads. Yiks!
John Schwarze had this BN GP50? pulling the clubs' logs bunks around the Blue main.
The Milwaukee Road train had 3 SD40-2 locos on the point and this is how I remember what the
main line trains looked like at the end of their existence in 1980.
It looks like the BN Green is still around as these 2 units worked the yard at Erie Street which is between
Yardley and Downtown Spokane. The green looks like its days are numbered after 21 years since merger.
Last week Spike ran his Canadian Pacific units and it gives us a little international flavor.

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