Feb 26, 2016

Everything you ever wanted to know about Spokane International cabooses

One of our members wanted to purchase some S.I. decals for the caboose today and I needed to provide additional info on the lettering scheme that
varied from one caboose to another so I am making up this e-mail for him.
The little guy comes with v stripes on the ends.
This eastern version came from some back end railroad and has no stripes.
The coupola is tall on this one and with no end stripes.
This long version has 4 windows and radio controlled added.  What ever the shop crew wanted to do seemed
OK to the boss.
Caboose C-3 has the black V stripes. The railroad is gone and so are cabooses but that should not
stop a modeler who wants to remember a simpler and happier life.

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