Feb 3, 2016

A mystery Little Joe?

This critter showed up at the train club yesterday and it looked somewhat familiar.
Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a Little Joe like when they ran thru Montana to Avery, Idaho.
It is in the color scheme that was on the Joes in Brazil when they acquired a few from GE They
had the embargo on them so they could not be shipped to Joe Stalin back in 1948 during the cold war.
Here is what a good old American Little Joe looks like and Don promises to redo it in Milwaukee Road colors.
Ji, Bowden showed up with this set of NP F units. Ah, the good old days!
Marvin went modern on us yesterday with two lease units running a BN train over Beaver Canyon.
I think I remember 34 cars were in tow as it made its way up the canyon.
The NP F units worked their final miles in the Spokane region where repairs and parts could be found
for the fleet.

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