Feb 18, 2016

There's a new queen in the empire!

They were promised for 2 years to be delivered and they finally came! Jim Bowden was one of 12 guys that ordered the Great Northern S-2 Northern
and here it is in all its glory! I added the smoke but it did do some of that on its own. There's a saved one in Havre, Montana that I saw several times
over the years and now they are in perfect model form at our club. Models reflect history that we try to remember with models.
Jim has been collecting GN cars for a number of years to create this masterpiece.
Jim's other train on Tuesday was his 2 Alaska Railroad diesels.
I think every car was an Alaska Railroad car including this colorful caboose. Jim spent 40 years
up in the Great White North  and now lives in sunny Spokane.
Greg Mercier just got back from Hawaii and brought in his Maine Central  passenger train.
Burt test ran his 2-10-2 Canadian loco that he purchased from Allan Cunningham and soon will
turn it into a Union Pacific loco with the help of one of his friends that knows how to do that.

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