Mar 1, 2016

Why we came to Monroe, Washington.

This was our 3rd visit to this show some 300 plus miles from my home to participate in this event.
This is one of three buildings that the modelers and rail fans show up to see what is for sale and see
the many layouts they have operating. It's big!  I didn't see Ken Martin over here? I hope he's OK!
All scales were represented but the big stuff made more of an impression on me.
This On3 layout had a scene that reminded me of and HO diarama made by Phil Pesek.
This model in G scale caught my eye for its size and detail. It makes us HO guys seem we might be
in the wrong scale? Right Marvin?
With so much to see and take photos, this model was well done. But where's the roof?
Finally, here is the Quinn tables where I had 2 tables with HO models for sale and my CD table where
I make 60,000 photos available to the folks who were not around to see it live! Alice's table is
beyond with Scentsy products.

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