Feb 17, 2016

Before and After... Beaver Canyon

79 days since we started on the layout is where we were at this moment in time. Nov 19, 2008. The red
chalk lines represent the Green branch and the Red Main yet to be built but the Blue Main is in place with its
cork roadbed and rail.  It was hard to imagine what this was going to look like in the future but we
were determined to find out. It's like making sausage....it's not pretty.
This was the most difficult spot to scenic for me as the footing to the bridge were in place and I had
to figure out how the rocks would work in the canyon itself. The answer was to thin cast the rock so they
didn't have a backing or connection and added individual rocks pushed into our "Oatmeal" ground cover and then
I connected the rocks with spackle. It made Beaver Canyon our most scenic location for photos.
Clinic anyone?

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