Feb 19, 2016

The Morton local strikes again!

Mr. Milwaukee, Don Carnegie, had his 2 Milwaukee Road U boats on the local first yesterday pulling a gaggle of Evergreen club log bunks.
The log bunks are flat cars with steel U shaped brackets to keep the logs on the car as they transit
back to a logging mill to turn them into beautiful things such as 2 by 4's.
Don has his train on the Green Branch which gives me different photo opportunities than the Red or
Blue main lines give me.
This first time angle looking  up at this bridge scene
gives us a unique perspective.
The Heimerdinger bridge on Mt. Whitney could be found in the wilds of the Cascade Range.
The Allan Cunningham bridge was created to make the loop at the back of the layout work nicely
especially with the steel girder in place to get around the tunnels below the bridge.

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