Feb 16, 2016

Before and After... the Blue Yard, north

Peter Heppler was an early member of the Evergreen club and the date is December 2, 2008 or 3 months since we opened our doors. As you can see it is in
a primitive stage with plywood cutouts for the backdrops, the cork is down for the main tracks but no actual rail has been placed. I don't even think the crossover
switches remained after we put in the 10 track yard. We passed the hat and raised about $500.00 to get it put in. Money, effort and time, that's all you need!
Peter Fassler is the son of member Mike Fassler and Peter has the right stuff to run his trains on the layout as he keeps an eye on it, runs at reasonable speeds,
and never gets any of the other guys concerned with his talents. The Blue main yard is a big feature of the club's operations as everyone sets up in either
direction for their trains.  Atta boy, Peter!

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