Feb 12, 2016

Milwaukee meets Milwaukee in the wilds of the Evergreen Railroad

Don Carnegie mow has two different Milwaukee passenger trains with the correct passenger cars
running the rails last night.
One of those passenger trains meets a Northern Pacific freight train passing the REA building in
the north end of the layout.
John Schwarze did a little alteration to his SD 60 by changing the UP slogan to reflect his favorite
Western Pacific Railroad that was taken over by the yellow peril.
Janis had this cute Rio Grande passenger train running over Beaver Canyon. Next week Rod and I
will add the lettering to the engine to make it look even better.
Spike Gorley makes our layout an International theme with Canadian power ruling the rails.
Krith Wiles brings us back to reality with one of our favorite railroads with our home town name
included on the loco. The Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railroad. One of those has a football team!

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