Feb 11, 2016

Before and After... front of Mount Whitney

The Evergreen club started on its great journey on Sept 1, 2008, just about the time the world was talking about crashing if
we didn't spend a trillion dollars we borrowed from China. Let's start a train club! We took a chance and I think we won.
This photo shows where we were on November 2009 at the rear of the layout. We called it Mount Whitney as Burt was the main
builder of it.
It hardly looks like the same place but it is! We re-did the top tracks to include a loop with the Heimerdinger bridge as the
focal point. That altered the mountain rocks that I needed to make better with more rock and change the colors. Trees also helps
the look of the scene. We used smaller tress to force the perspective to make it look further away.  Clouds and backdrop as well.

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