Feb 5, 2016

Visitors seemed impressed with the Evergreen?

These kids returned to the club yesterday and mom said all they could talk about from last weeks'
visit of when were they going back! That gets them a photo in our e-mails!
My SP&S C-636s were given a roll by with the club's log train.  Love that chug, chug, chug!
Burt goes "modern" with a set of Union Pacific F units. Modern means anything past the 1930s
on the Camas Prairie Railroad out of Lewiston, Idaho.
Coming back from dinner we were treated by this 7 loco train set of Great Northern power. I said
whos trains are these? Tom Kirk said, Jerry they are yours!  Tom gathered them up from the yard and made
them into a train set.  It's like getting new trains when you forgot what you own!
Mystery Joe showed up again last night pulling the set of club passenger cars....and the colors matched.
There's talk of stripping it and give it a proper paint job that includes orange!
There is a God in this world! Mr. Steve Weslowski showed up with a gift last night in the form
of a free bottle of that fabulous Floquil RUST!  It's the wonder color I use to make my equipment look
realisric. Plus grimy black, primer and a few others. The company stopped making it a year or two ago.

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