Feb 12, 2016

More of Thursday Night Live!

Most of you know that I do airbrush, decaling and weathering at the train club and here is my
latest effort to take an average composite plastic gondola and turn it into a Spokane International model.
They never had this kind of car but that didn't stop me!
A blue and white Oakway lease unit leads two big BN units over Beaver canyon.
Marvin had Northern Pacific diesels pulling a freight past tunnels and the Blue Yard.
The Red line serves the Titanic ice plant but today it is just a wayside structure.
Santa Claus peeked into the train club to see if everyone was naughty or nice.
We don't know if he was real early or way too late. Stand in Rod Huffman had no comment.
Finally Keith Wiles makes his way back to the club after helping me carry a heavy box to my car.
It's 9:15 pm and its time to go home.

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