Feb 20, 2016

The Empire Builder strikes back!

5 locomotives and 18 cars makes for a dramatic setting to do it big!  It would have to be an exceptional Builder to have 5 locos on the point but
anything goes when you are talking model railroading! Janis and Rod made it happen! After 1967 I remember most GN trains were multi-colored like this one!
Amtrak then took over in 1970 and that was the end of that!
Tommy Frank had his modern power running with an
Oakway lease unit on the point of his freight train.
What could these 3 guys be talking about? How about a merger? Who wants to include that Great Northern guy?
Keith got his 5 unit SP&S freight on the road but I needed to add
the headlight as it was not on when I took the photo.
I ran out of space on the last Morton e-mail and the shot is not in focus but I like the angle so much
that I included it on this one.
Finally we had a visitor on Thursday by Peter Heppler who I featured an e-mail or 2 back showing
the raw  Blue main yard in its infancy. Peter seemed impressed on what we've done since his departure!
It was terrific seeing him again at the club.

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