Feb 15, 2016

All cabooses are the same....aren't they?

Looking through my collection of 587 caboose photos I realized how many varieties of cabooses there are.
Here are a few. This one comes in a 4 wheel version for the B&O. Baltimore RR Museum, Baltimore, MD.
A friend of mine who is on this e-mail list is Mark McNaghten and I was able to get him in action
coming back from a trip to Pasco or Wenatchee, 2 terminal points west of Spokane. They call this kind
bay window style and it is 1 of 2 that used to be Great Northern RR for taconite service.
My father-in-law shot this for me down in Arizona or Nevada some 40 years ago. Now it is a place
called home for somebody. The initials are for the Los Angeles & Salt Lake subsidiary the UP took over.
This one is called a no-wheel version.
Photo taken near Interbay near Seattle where they hung out waiting to be called into action.
The Big Sky Blue came into being in 1967. The photo was taken around 1970. The caboose was
removed from service about 1985.
Some cabooses come with platforms which serve the crew better in yards and industrial areas where
jumping off and on is more common. Probably a stove, a toilet and a desk inside and that's about it.
One of the saddest photos I ever took was near the New York state  border where this collection
of cabooses was deteriorating to the elements.  It was from a defunct railroad called the
New York, Ontario & Western. Probably around 1965.

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