Feb 12, 2016

The massive 6900 Union Pacific locos

Look what showed up at the club last night! One of Union Pacific's heritage locos is the 6936 which
is a double engined monster that rules the rails from 1969 for some 30 years. Scotty Smith is the owner!
The 6936 is the only operable Centennial to be saved. Still on the roster as a historical example of big power.
In Cheyenne, the 6936 rests behind the other notable UP engines still operable.  The #3985 a 4-6-6-4 Challenger,
the #8444 ( 844), a baby steamer, caboose, and a rotary snowplow. Inside is now a 4-8-8-4 Big Boy #4014 being
restored for operation!
Those large U Boats look small compared to the Centennial in the lead.
Scotty matches the photo I sent to him by including 2 of those GE U boats in the above photo.
The other saved Centennial is at Ogden, Utah with other notable UP  and SP equipment.

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