Feb 24, 2016

Planes, trains and sometimes cabooses!

Marvin took his airplane train out for a stroll and the lead unit is a one of a kind paint scheme with red
pin stripes of all things.  It is apparent why this paint scheme didn't make it.
Pulling back and showing the train in all its glory as it passes the front end of the club layout.
Our club's UP Challenger finds a comfortable place to pull up to is the Titanic Ice platform to pick up
a few ice reefers.
John Schwarze has his Western Pacific and associate Sacramento Northern subsidery trundling
past the Bakersville train station.
And finally the BNSF still owns cabooses but they are sealed from intrusion as they are now only pushing
platforms so a worker can ride in relative safety for short rides around industries and drop offs. This
worker was friendly to a foamer looking for a photo. This was taken on Monday from a road entrance.

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